Meeting your boyfriend’s parents - 10 tips


You probably know some horror stories about first acquaintance with boyfriend’s parents but this time, please imagine, you do not know anything at all.


You would like to receive a positive response from your boyfriend’s parents and some little enchantment about you. Here are some tips which will help you in this case:


1. Wait. Do not hurry to meet his family. Wait for a good moment. First of all, you have to know your boyfriend and only then when you will be 100% sure that your relationships are real – shoot Niagara.


2. Investigate. Understand and learn the names of his family members and try to get their pictures in order to recognize them earlier until you will be introduced.


3. Place selection. A right place is a very important factor. Neutral environment, such as restaurant, would be a very good choice. We recommend choosing a half formal restaurant but if you are a specialist of etiquette choose 100% formal place.


4. Punctuality. Do you want to make a good impression? Don’t be late. This is a very bad manner. It is very bad to make people wait for you. If you will be late anyway – let them know, cal them or text them, whatever, just let them know in advance!


5. Gifts. We all like gifts but to find a proper gift is very uneasy but important. Ask, your darling up-front about this issue. Maybe a bottle of vine or chocolate candies?


6. Outfit. Get as much information from you fiancée as possible. You wouldn’t like to prank up or look like a characterless. So, clear the things and find out what will people expect from you.


7. Conversation. All right, now you are dressed very well but will you have enough themes to talk about? Prove that you are not a dumb blonde girl but do not overdo because it will look very funny. Try not to swagger about your achievements and education. Speak to everybody and be polite.


8. Flattery. Yes, it really works. Say some compliments about their son and parents because they raised him. If you are visiting your fiancée’s parents’ house say some compliments about their interior, food and whatever what’s in your head.


9. Opinions. It is very good to have your own opinion but in this case we recommend not discuss about politics, religion or sexual orientation because every person has his own opinion and we don’t want you to have troubles.


10. Exit. After a dinner stay for a while to talk but don’t be too long. They probably will want to end everything as quick as possible even if the meeting was successful. So, say THANKS to all say GOOD BYE and leave.


Next times will be easier.




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