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Every woman must know what to expect from the relationship with men. According to women, on the first dates men are very accommodating. The relationship is very nice for a while. Later, if you have to live with such kind of men you might discover that you were wrong and the relationship becomes not nice at all. Sometimes it becomes even horrible. Can we predict this in advance?

Let’s imagine the situation when the guy tells his girlfriend: “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen”. So, what can you expect from him when you won’t be such beautiful like now. After all, everybody changes and you won’t be so fascinating after many years. Does it mean that your man will be fascinated by other younger and more beautiful female? So, don’t rush. Show your man other good features and just wait. If he notices only your look after the month - be watchful. Show him the picture of supermodel and ask: “Am I more beautiful than she is?”

Let’s look to the other very popular expression: “From the all women I have ever loved you are the most wonderful and I love you the most”. Does it sound nice? Don’t be deluded. This is a typical expression of philanderer. Pay attention to the fallowing part of that expression: “From all women I have loved”. So, how many women has he loved? Which number are you?

Let’s say a man tells you: “Stay with me. I can’t live without you”. At first sight, this expression can look like promise of stability but it has to be translated: “I am weak, helpless and reliant”. Of course, this man, perhaps, won’t leave you but one day all romance will evaporate and will stay only worry when you will linger somewhere. He will show jealousy when somebody will show a regard. He is going make scenes or even will threat he will commit a suicide if you decide to leave him. You need a strong and unhesitating man.

Here is another one suspicious phrase: “When will I marry you I won’t drink alcohol any more. You’ll see”. Or: “I can drink a lot of alcohol drinks but I won’t get in a fuddle”. If a man talks like this it means that he will become an alcoholic in the future. It means that you will have to save him on evenings, blame him on mornings and show selfless love. Marry him if you like such role.

“Where will you go without me?”- This is the visiting-card of tutelary “daddy”. This man searches for the little girl. He wants to teach, protect and pay all her expenses. After passionate nights of sex your “daddy” will spend his time at work, with his friends or somewhere else but not at home. You are going to become tired of that and decide to leave him but your “daddy” won’t like this idea. You will become pregnant, give birth to child, stop working and become a housewife. Your man will want you to be his little girl still. You should remember that he used to talk to you rudely. You are not going to divorce because you won’t have a source of revenue but if you like such life - pretend a little girl and search for a “daddy”.  
“If you marry me there won’t be any tribulation. I will give you anything you want”. This promise shows that your man is very hard-working but worries over his sexual potency. He wants to tell you that he will work very hard and he will buy anything you want but there won’t be any nights of passionate sex. Do you need a man like this?

You have to be very watchful if a guy talks about himself negative. People who talk about themselves negative often tell the truth. So, if the man tells: “You know, I am a sneak”, “I am an alcoholic”, “I am a thief”- believe in him. If a man attracts you with his honesty then think carefully: do you really want to live with sneak, alcoholic or thief?

There are some expressions which you can believe: he doesn’t promise you anything; he just tells sometimes: “I missed you” or “You attract me”; “You know, I think that it is very nice to be with you”; “I was riled on you”; “I like you”; “I want to meet you”. These kinds of expressions are signs of sincerity. If a man passes other challenges, then allow me to congratulate you! He is the one!

By Ruta 

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