Divorce and comeback


Sometimes men fell in love with other women and leave their wives. Women think that the relationship is over and he will never come back. Everybody believes that a man who got the newer thing will never come back to the older one. However there is some hope. Men who left his home can be recaptured.

Let’s think why men notice other women. Mostly, they behave like this because some women attract them with internal and external characteristics. Firstly, men notice external and later internal characteristics or vice versa. When a man meets a woman who attracts him, he marries her and lives in joy for a while.

On first dates woman looks very beautiful: spruced, with a make - up. She is fascinating, friendly and attractive. When people live together husband can see his wife in reality: without make - up and dressed in the housecoat.

Sometimes husband can discover different features which his wife didn’t show earlier. Of course, women go to the toilet like all normal people. Every human being has her own addictions and even some small physical defects. Women also can be in a bad mood and have some requirements to their husbands. Woman positive features unfold too: for instance cooking, good mother, tender, a good sense of humor, can be observant, efficient and resolved.

Man can’t be always fascinated by women outside, however, he forgives her defects and gets used to her internal features but the problem is that he habituates so to her internal features that eventually doesn’t notice them. Just imagine, when you turn the tap on and the water flows you aren’t very joyful because it goes without saying.

One day another woman appears who has features which his wife doesn’t have. She is spruced, with a make - up again. She wears fascinating mask also. His wife and the new woman have different internal features. Let’s say if his wife is efficient friend, this woman is lovely home kitten.  Of course, there is a difference between their sexual temper also.

So, these features attract a man. What way the wife can recapture him? Firstly, he has to be out of conceit with new girlfriend. Secondly, he has newly appreciated his wife’s old good features. Thirdly, his wife has to discover inside of her those features which her husband saw in the other woman.

The first assignment is quite simple. Wise wife has to allow her husband to be fascinated by his new love. No doubt, she is frustrated and jealous. However she wants her husband back to her. It is not good to react with ironic comments and grudge. He mustn’t be pressed to come back. Don’t show him scenes with tears. This will estrange him. Instead of rudeness she can say: “I saw your new love. She is more beautiful than I am. She is very lettered. If you are happy - live with her. I don’t mind”.

It would be nice that a wife would write a letter to the concurrent stating what her husband’s requirements are: for instance he wants she to wash dishes or make some tea on evenings.

A man doesn’t expect such behavior but if his wife allows leaving her, he will leave. After that a wife has to wait patiently. The point is that a man who gets the permission stops seeing challenge in his new love. The adventure has gone. He starts to discover same defects in his new girlfriend like he did in his earlier life. He gets used to new woman and starts to miss his own wife. His new love isn’t fascinated with the schedule of his requirements also. Arguments start. However there is a waiting patient and a tolerant woman at home. Precisely, she is not waiting. It is more exciting.

She is not nodding in that time. She watches her concurrent, studies enemy and discovers what she can learn from her husband’s new love. If the concurrent is beautiful the wife smartens, if she is more intellectual, the wife reads and learns. There are no limits for perfection.

And one day a man comes back. It is not a theory. It is medical fact. Now you have to answer to the most important question: Do you want to live with him? You are so lovely women. You want what you don’t have also. Think carefully: have you lost anything when your husband left you? Is this the sign of faith, isn’t? On the other hand, if he returned it can also be the sign of faith. 

by Ruta 

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