Nine secrets which bother men


Everybody knows that sometimes men don’t understand women. But men aren’t interested in reasons which make them addicted to weaker sex.

Why is she crying?
Men think that women often cry without a reason? It is not true. They cry when they are feeling sad and want that their sadness would be noticed. Incidentally women mostly cry at home. If you don’t notice silent sob, they start to wail and yell. It happens because the effect would become stronger.

Do you love me?
The other question that always bothers men: “why does she always ask “if I love her?” Sometimes they just want to hear that because you said it very long time ago. On the other hand, sometimes they begin to doubt about your feelings and want that you would confirm it. It isn’t so difficult to embrace and tell: “yes, darling, I love you”. You have no idea how much problems you will avoid.

Why women don’t read the instructions?
Naturally it is easier for men to understand all those instructions. It is strange that some men this fact annoys. You get a chance to show all your talents.

Why women often get a miff without any reason?
You are wrong again. The reason always exists. Just think carefully: Maybe you didn’t call on time, maybe you said something wrong, maybe you didn’t say anything at all… when woman gets a miff she waits for apologies, kind behavior and advertence.  So maybe you should become more sensitive to your partner and everything will be alright.

Why do they always make us to give flowers?
It is just another way to show your advertence. On festivals every man gives flowers. But who does without an occasion? It isn’t necessary to bring huge bouquets every day. A simple posy would be enough.

Why are they always waiting for a call?
It is the best way which shows that woman fell in love. She doesn’t leave her mobile phone even for a minute, at work if she has to leave her office she asks her colleague to answer the phone: “What if he calls?” She waits so desperately because you promised to call.

Why they always don’t have what to dress?
Woman always wants to look beautiful and attract her partner. When person clothes in a new garment he feels more convenient and confident. To reduce expenses just say to your love: “you look amazing whatever you wear”. It really works.

Why do they chatter so lively?
There are some things which you won’t tell to your pal because it is silly and unnecessary. Combine these things and you will get a female conversation. They talk lively because there is so much information and so little time, so they have to do it quickly. Furthermore, don’t forget that women are more emotional than men.

Why do they talk so long on the phone?
Most women work. If they don’t work, their friends do, so there is very little time to talk. If there are some time it is still too little to talk about everything. So phone is vital.


By Ruta 

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