Mankind behaviour


Do really men…

…think about sex only?
Actually men like have erotic fantasies more often but it does not mean the sex is the most important thing in their lives and controls their actions.

…can have sex without love?
That’s the true. It is very easy for the man to get in relationships and enjoy the pleasure for some time. These kinds of relationships stop when a man meets a woman who is physically and spiritually attractive. This is a particular thing which gives much more pleasure.

…handsome men are good lovers?
 Conversely. Handsome men have success in women but they have too much self-confidence and think too positive about themselves. Not handsome men try harder to capture woman’s heart, be more noticeable. In bed also.

…prefer young and dumb and not mature and clever.
Mature and clever women will not fall in love with a handsome man just because he is handsome. Meanwhile, young women admire such men and are easily seducible. Men need women who are able admire them.

…always want to have sex.
Not true. They also have bad days and don’t think about sex. On these days even a most sexy woman won’t seduce them. Men also avoid approaching tiresome and especially drunk women. Men loose interest in making love when a woman awaits miracles and blames men when something goes wrong. Even most smitten men don’t want sex every day.

…compare their women with porn stars.
Men have stronger visual sense then women and get sexual fantasies from picture. Nevertheless men want to participate in porno movies very seldom or want their women to behave like that. Men watch porn films for educational reasons to learn new techniques.

by Juice

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