Flirting tips for the shy girls

If you aren’t sure whether you are shy or not, rate yourself by taking a simple test.

Imagine being at a pub and a cute lad standing nearby. In the pub you are alone and you noticed he gave you a wink, a smile or raised his glass. He keeps glancing at you and it’s obvious – he is flirting. What are you going to do?

A: Smile back and raise your glass

B: You will touch your hair and blink your eyes innocently

C: You will turn away and stare at your glass

If your answer is A or B, you most probably have no problems regarding guys. If, however, you took C, it is either you already have a boyfriend or you’re just shy. If you are the latter, the following advices are just for you!

First of all, get rid of the thought the shy girls cannot flirt. They say, flirting is a certain kind of art, thus it would be difficult to outline one type or style of flirting. Just be yourself. You don’t have to wear a sexy dress or a shiny necklace. And you don’t want to be just like the others, do you?

Don’t be too uptight. Before making any step, calm down and relax. If you feel stressed about this, you may unintentionally make a stupid smile or just weird movements. Just relax and enjoy your drink. Men’s attention is always attracted by confident women.

You can work on your smile at home in front of your mirror. Shy girls usually smile for a very short moment, so your sign might go unnoticed. If you make a proper big smile to a guy, he will be encouraged to take initiative.

Do not fear starting a conversation. When he approaches you, talk to him like to an old friend. Once you get started, everything will go a lot smoother.

Perhaps shy girls will find it hard to believe, but these flirting tips are very simple and easily done in practice. You should enjoy the socialization and being yourself. Just believe that inside you are a wonderful, exciting woman and this is how your partner will see you too.
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