Can I trust you?

A trust that hasn’t been spoiled or ruined in a serious relationship is very important. It provides you with peace both inside and outside.

No money can buy the happiness that you have, when you don’t have to worry about your partner ruining everything you two have carefully built.

The trust must be taken care of very seriously. When it starts vanishing, you can expect dramatic or even traumatic consequences.

You must completely trust your partner financially. You should not hesitate sharing your savings or the credit card. If your lover tells you his/her PIN code, you have to appreciate that as a sign of trust and never try to abuse that. It is so nice and relaxing to know your partner doesn’t hide any financial operations from you. Sharing of the savings is a great thing, until one side starts abusing it.

When two people become really close, they feel they can share their deepest secrets both of the presence and the past. It is a big and difficult step. It can be the information that your partner has never shared with anyone before. This is the type of secrets that a person wants to tell, but only to another person whom he can completely trust. An uncovered secret gives the couple some additional binds, as a new step in their relationship. However if the secret is told to a 3rd party, it is considered as a betrayal. Most of the time this kind of betrayal is extremely painful and ends the relationship for ever.

This is probably the most important zone of trust. Couples have to find a way to resist the unfaithfulness. Every committed person should avoid such situations where he is exposed to a temptation of having sex with another person, but the actual partner. Misconduct is not money – you cannot return it. It is very hurting and the consequences are usually the worst ones. It is the most worst challenge for a relationship, regardless the reasons of the misconduct. Sex is a part of a relationship.

Once the adultery comes into a relationship, it is awfully difficult to get it out from your daily thoughts and conversations.

In every situation trust should be cared of like a newborn baby. The relationship can only work if both partners value and appreciate trust.

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