7 rules on how to return the fire of love


Let’s say you have met a man of your dreams. You like him, he likes you. You went to a few dates and soon you can boast that you became a beautiful couple. He is yours at last! Before the date you behaved like a lunatic and spent hours in front of the mirror just because he would be able to say: “You look very beautiful tonight”. You were behaving like this before your first date and you behave like this now after one year when you met your charming prince. Sadly, but the ideal relationship will not last forever. The engine which forced you to become a princess sooner or later will stop. One day the fire which burned in your hearts gradually will fade away. He will spend most of the day in front of the TV and you will walk around the house without any make-up with curlers in your hair. You are not afraid anymore that your charming prince will see you wearing grandmother’s pyjamas. So what has been changed? You are the same persons: he is still the man of your dreams, you are his princess. So why have you stopped heating the fireplace in your home? You would say: “There is nothing what he didn’t see. He is mine and he won’t go anywhere”. You are wrong. The most common reason of most separations is cool intercourse. There are some ways which could return the fire in your intercourse.

There are seven simple rules which you should follow:

1. Don’t become his mother. Don’t gift him socks or shampoo. Would you be happy if your darling would gift you a pan? Don’t gift him anything practical, this is his mother’s job. Stop acting like she, because he has the mother which will take care of him. Give him something sexy that it would be a secret of yours. Even shorts can be very exotic so that he could wear it only when he is with you.

2. Don’t show him your little secrets. I think you wouldn’t like to see how your prince shaves or what he does in the toilet. This is not very nice procedure. So don’t let him look when you are cleaning your teeth or putting on make-up. Just close your bathroom door and open after you became a stunning girl. Let him see only wonderful results and have your secret on how Cinderella becomes a princess.

3. Routine in your bedroom. Traditional sex is right for you but year after year it becomes a routine and stops giving joy. Many people find lovers because they want to realize their secret fantasies. So don’t let that happen. Just honestly talk about yourself and your boyfriend’s fantasies or if you are afraid to ask play a game: take a few cards, write your fantasies on some of them and tell your boyfriend to do the same. After that mix all the cards and draw one from the bunch. Realize the fantasy written on the card and I am sure you will have good fun, exciting isn’t it?

4. Too much nudity. Some scientists say that partners should see each other totally nude only before sex. So, if you follow this rule nude body will make inflame but if you walk nude around the house, do the chores - your nude body will become boring and not exciting. So, don’t be naked all the time, it is not sexy. Don’t even let your partner to look while you dress up, go to the bathroom but always let him look when you dress down. It should be very hot experience.

5. The show of faults. You are not pretty enough, you are too fat, your nails are short and hair is weak. So what? Your partner hasn’t got to know all that. So, stop whining. Your boyfriend loves you as you are. At the beginning he has chosen you with all your faults. Maybe, he didn’t know about some of your faults existence at all. Have more self-confidence and you and your boyfriend won’t see any defects at all soon.

6. You are always together. Some couples do everything together. They live, work, spend holidays together. I know when you love each other you want to be together every day, but it is a huge mistake. Psychologists say that it is normal to spend one day apart, also is normal to have a separate vacations. You are going to miss each other and your love will become stronger, else you will be tired of each other soon.

7. Wrong underwear. You live together for a long time and your boyfriend has seen everything already. You began to sleep in warm old fashioned pyjamas. Well, it is not right because you are going to transform into old lady. He won’t be surprised if he will see you in sexy underwear which you wear all the time. Respond immediately - buy several sexy underwears and delight your partner every night with different one.


by Ruta

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