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Who use online dating?
Every year Internet becomes increasingly popular. It is fast, comfortable, noncommittal connection with the world...
February - a month of love
February is a very special month. It is a month of love.
All about milk
The pressure, rush, constant stress… These elements harm our life very much. We pay less attention to our lifestyle and our daily nutrition.
The tradition of fast
Fasting is a most common event in World religions. Refusing particular food, drinks people clean the organisms and souls.
Ugly men attract beautiful women?
Usually in fairy tales charming princesses marry handsome princes but in real life everything happens conversely.
Dumped for a less attractive one?
Hollywood films have good, bad and ugly women. Whilst real life has good, very bad and awfully ugly women instead. If you are among the good ones, have you ever been betrayed so badly, that it would devastate your life like a hurricane?
How to lose your ex with no return?
When your fiancee decides to end the relationship, it is very easy to panic and start doing very silly things that you wouldn’t normally do.
10 stupid reasons to get married
Marriage of two loving and respecting people is a wonderful thing. But we all know, not all marriages are successful.
Breaking up by phone?
These are methods of breaking up we are talking about. Regardless whether it’s a well thought preference or an impulsive action, breaking up is something nobody can avoid.
Sex with no love or love with no sex
Sex that does not involve love is basically the satisfaction of your animal instincts and it doesn’t last any longer. At one point both partners feel it’s shallow and empty and gives merely a short pleasure.
Dating Advice: Picking The Juiciest Dating Profile
J-Dating is all about finding the freshest and juiciest opportunities to fulfill all of your dating fantasies online. As you known by now, that includes a whole lot of picking, sifting, sorting and filtering to find exactly the kind of mate who can become your perfect match.
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