Venus vs. Mars

We all know that men and women are completely different. She says “no”, but deep in her heart wants to shout “oh yes”. He says “I love you” but in reality only wants to have a sex with you. It is logical because men and women came from completely different directions…I mean Mars and Venus. It sounds strange but some words can have very different meaning than we thought. So what can we do to understand each other? Let us look what say scientists… Commonly trap used for women A man gives you a long, deep and dreamy look. It looks that everything is alright…even wonderful. You can even confound and say to yourself that this man fell in love with you. But women have to be careful. According to specialists sight longer than five seconds is not normal. A man in admiration can look to your eyes no longer than three seconds if the sight becomes longer it means that a man only wants to play with you for one night. He says: “I will call you” You would like to think that the date was successful, he likes you and he will certainly call you soon. Don’t be ridiculous! These words mean that you are not the girl of his dreams. This date was the last one and do not have any hopes. Commonly trap used for men She says: “Do I look beautiful?” Each man would think that it is the perfect time to say the truth. Do not dare even think about that. If she asks such thing she wants to hear: “Oh dear, you are looking wonderful”, even if she looks like a cow. Women are falling in love or just feeling good when they hear warm and nice words. She says: “which one of my friends would you choose if you would not meet me?” Each man would think: “Does she really want to hear from me that her friend Susan is a really hot chic?” No, you are wrong again. She wants to know that her friends are not attractive to you. She waits for an answer such as: “My darling, I would not choose any one I would wait for someone like you”. It seems that men and women are talking in totally different languages. So how can they communicate and understand each other? In what way they found each other, create families and stay together as a happy couple? Everything is very simple. You just have to be attentive. You just have to watch and listen very carefully what your partner wants to say or do. So if we could realize these simple steps everything will be alright. By Ruta
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