Dumped for a less attractive one?

Hollywood films have good, bad and ugly women. Whilst real life has good, very bad and awfully ugly women instead. If you are among the good ones, have you ever been betrayed so badly, that it would devastate your life like a hurricane?

You’re thinking whether you are still ever going to be happy and you can’t figure out how to get your man back and what to do so he finds you interesting again?

If you have been cheated on and dumped afterward, you most likely have experienced a shock, depression, loss of appetite and were obsessed with a desire to get your ex back. At the moment you see no way out.

The worst thing is your boyfriend has left you for a “monster”: uneducated, ugly woman with no ambitions or manners, since your boyfriend is like 200th for her.

If so, why would you want to get a man back who dumped you for a monster?

It is obvious, he likes the monster better. He claims he is not worth you and will rather live with a woman that he feels upscale next to.

Having left an excellent woman, a man usually chooses a lower level person, so he can repress the feeling of guilt. The lower level woman will supposedly be like a doormat he can easily wipe his feet to. He feels a god next to such female, because she doesn’t respect or appreciate herself. It is simple: he needs her, she needs him.

Don’t follow around your ex and don’t try to convince him he made a mistake dumping a great woman for a monster. Believe it or not, they are worth each other.

Try to get back on your feet, learn to be happier, more attractive and more confident than ever.
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