Ugly men attract beautiful women?


Usually in fairy tales charming princesses marry handsome princes but in real life everything happens conversely. There are no couples from fairy tales in the real life. Beauty lives in our brains. We tend to see or not to see beauty when our subliminal mind allows us to do that. Our subliminal mind can be inspired by fairy tales, movies or works of art.

Of course, everybody likes to watch when two beautiful people marry. Guests whoop: “Look, they are so young and so beautiful”. For instance Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman wedding were very similar to a fairy tale.

But it is very hard to find perfectly beautiful people in the real life. A man should be a little bit more handsome than devil. And a woman should be a little bit graceless than angel. If a wife is ugly people will talk that her husband could choose more attractive one. Because of that, every woman searches for the right clothes, fixes make-up and hairstyle very carefully. They know that man’s ugliness can be excused. People will expect courage, willpower and perseverance. However, women should be beautiful and graceful.

So, because of that, we can say that there are no ugly women. If a woman chooses ugly man she isn’t reprehended. She is more reprehended if she doesn’t smarten, is a spinster or dates a married man.

Why people don’t discuss about natural beauty? The point is that less beautiful women always slander very beautiful ones. They try to find other women defects and want to spurn them. Envious women would say about a female who looks like a supermodel: “She is too skinny”, “She is namby-pamby” or “It is a stereotype of beauty”. They don’t tend to groan: “What a beautiful concurrent!”. This is a psychological defense: it is hard to fight against the nature.  

However men aren’t very objective. Men look to the beauty and consider: are they handsome enough to date such beautiful woman. If a man thinks that he is not handsome enough then he will search for another one.

Ugly men don’t astonish anyone. On the contrary, people tend to think such men have a lot of good internal features. Everybody likes their diligence or hidden sexual capability. Young guys like less handsome men because they know women like handsome men. Men are always annoyed by handsome concurrent which is always smiling and play-act in front of girls but they forget that women also expect masculine behavior.

Girls would say about a stunner without manliness: “He is probably a gay” but if the girl chooses old and ugly man her admirers think: “How could she do that? It is not faire. Probably, he is very rich”.

Older women don’t pay attention to good look or manliness. They appreciate man’s internal features and wake up a real man. “Who knows, what treasures can hide ugly look”- older women consider. Imaginative literature’s authors agree with them: beauty fells in love with the beast. Magic of fairy tale whispers us: “Don’t be afraid. When she kissed the beast he became a charming prince”.    

By RUta 

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