Nine mistakes


Women like to blame men that they are blunt and insensible. But how do women behave themselves? According to specialists, sometimes women don’t understand that they estrange men by their behavior. That happens often because women don’t know men enough. When they try to solve the problems of relationships, women ask friends or psychologist advice, but they don’t ask men themselves how they are feeling.

Psychologists, experts of relationship, statistics and other minor implements can really help you. But the best way is probably the warm conversation with your lover. Ask him what does he feel and think about all problems. That you would better understand what we are talking about, we will give you nine strategies of women behavior which annoy and estrange men.

1. Men can’t understand why in the beginning of relationship women pretend to be perfect- they are being kind, tender. They flirt, take care of their appearance, but when women feel that they won the heart of man, their behavior completely changes. They become intolerant, peremptory. They wear grandma’s sweater and pyjamas at home. You can forget your princes.

Of course men can’t expect that their women will stay superheroes that can cook, work and make love perfectly. However women shouldn’t pretend superheroes in the beginning of relationship and after some time completely change their behavior. When suddenly woman changes her man feels betrayed. He understands that he can’t have trust in his love which he doesn’t really know.

2. Let’s say a man wants to go fishing and there begin doubts between two people: “Maybe, he has other woman?” When men tell that they need more space they are being called selfish fools. Women tend to blame them adultery. Clever woman knows that sometimes her man needs to stay alone or with his friends. She doesn’t keep him constrainedly. She trusts him and understands that sometimes everybody needs to be alone.

3. All women want good, diligent, attentive men…the schedule of requests could continue till infinity. Good and respectable man isn’t enough for some women; they want a lot of money, new car, big house… If they can’t get all these things, they start to gripe. If a man dares to say that he is happy at the moment, his partner starts to blame him for laziness and the lack of ambitions. It is important to have ambitions and strivings, however also it is important to appreciate what you have at the moment. It takes a lot of time to build house or create strong relationship.

4. Men aren’t magicians - they can’t read minds. Women tend to think one thing and tell the other one, for example: “Of course, I don’t mind if you go with your friends”. Although she folds her hands and moves her leg nervous.
The other example: let’s say a man returns home late. His wife comes and hits at his face. Choked man asks: “What happened?” She says: “You know what!” But how he could know if his love has never told him straight what she would like and what would annoy her. The other female who would see this show probably would understand what happened, but men usually don’t understand nonverbal signs. If complaint is expressed by codes the conflict won’t be avoided.

5. Men don’t like when their lovers talk about their ex-lovers or other men who show regard. This purposive or unmeant female behavior gives a signal about her desire to show that she was and still is appreciable and desirable. You have to remember that every man wants to be appreciable, special and important to his lover. You have to understand that men’s ego is very breakable. Women’s ego also is delicate. If men talked at home about beautiful colleagues and passionate ex-girlfriends, their lovers probably would feel disgustingly.       

6. Men hate when women call them about hundred times during the day. They hate when women complain about little pinheads and problems which really could wait till the end of the important meeting. Men can’t stand women who always whine, are unhappy and try to reach little regard in this absurd way. This Type of women tends to pretend poor victim which wants to be saved. In the beginning men like to be superheroes that have to take care of breakable female but if this situation lasts longer it begins to annoy. There has to be equality in the relationship.

7. A man wants to return to a cozy home but not to jail. So the worst thing is apathetic wife who meets her lover with cold look or just ignores him. This behavior shows primitive disrespect. Sometimes women become the queen of ice because they expect special regard or even a surprise but mostly they don’t get a thing, because men don’t understand what happened and become angry. So you can forget all surprises. Strong relationship needs the endeavour of two persons.

8. A cheat has two forms. The first one is very well known. It is physical cheat. However also there is spiritual cheat which can be realized as the mean to reach your aims. Female who is physically devoted can be total fraud. She can play manipulative games and control the man. For instance she can create strategies how to convince the man, use emotional blackmail and trade on man’s blind sides. Those games take man’s energy and creativity.

9. Men frustrate women who always compete against them. Some of them compete in the field of career: Who will earn more money? Who will get prestigious job? The other type competes in the field of education: Who will get a better education? Which one will study in the better university? No matter in what way fight precedes it takes a lot of energy. It is the fastest way to estrange a man. So, what to do? Compete with yourself. Compare your own achievements, count your stride.   


By Ruta

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