A perfect couple


If you want to find some logic in love sphere, you will be disappointed. It is the same thing as to search life purpose. However, scientists have been trying to find that logic. According to them, each person’s taste to intimacy is encoded in DNA and depends on the force of natural selection. The choice of partner is not random. The natural selection determines which partner has to be chosen. Biologists completely persuaded that.

This proposition is not acceptable for poets and romantics but the fact is without the controversy: if there is no sensual attraction it can cause negative feelings - indifference or even hate. Imagine that not long ago two people adored each other and suddenly their feelings are gone. How can this happen? There is one explanation: this happens when the choice comes not “from the heart” but “from the head”.

The further researches will shock romantics much more. Biologists were especially interested in females’ behavior. As distinct from males, who can satisfy their instincts with anybody, females are attracted only with particular sort.

Attraction of contrasts

Commonly contrasts attract each other. It is best when differentiates appearance and temper. Absolutely masculine man will choose absolutely womanish female and vice versa, because today the number of strong, mannish females and womanish males has increased. It is much better when two people complement each other.

Let’s say, a really beautiful woman dates unimpressive man. There have always been such couples in relationship history. The attraction of contrasts explains this phenomenon. This explanation also can be used for many cases of adultery. If there are two extremely beautiful persons in the couple, there must appear another one which will complement one of them.

What are we dreaming about?

All women dream about their prince. Most women imagine the ideal partner almost same. They can be very similar on appearance or only on some details of appearance but what men are dreaming about? Firstly men notice breasts and behind. They don’t take a notice to intelligent eyes of woman, although no one could admit that.

A group of psychologists who researched characters of men, made an interesting conclusion. If a man likes a woman with narrow hips and big breasts, he knows what he wants from life. These types of men date a lot of women before they choose.

Men who like women with breasts of medium size and narrow hips are just nice persons. They are diligent and helpful. These type of men have one defects. They are too strict and ascetic.

Men, who like voluptuous women with big breasts and large hips, are very simple guys. They aren’t very orderly and don’t value their work. The most important thing is to spend a good time.

The main thing what men want from women is attraction. Not a beauty but attraction forces men to dream. Men are even afraid of extreme beauty. Who knows what requests could bring forward extremely beautiful woman?

Nothing will happen if there is no power metathesis between man and woman. According to physicist, it doesn’t depend on size of breasts or other proportions of figure, eyes, the colour and smell of hair, the type of skin or movement. Man can fall in love only with the woman which wakes up the neuron movement in his brain. Only this kind of woman can awake erotic fantasies and rule his thoughts.

When people see perfect couple they say “they are meant for each other” but there are no perfect couples, there is only inevitable law of sexual attraction.

By Ruta

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