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If you decided to date a person who profess other religion, this article about fasts will be very useful for you.



The longest fasting period have orthodox: 200 days a year. The Romanists fasting last far less and they are allowed to eat fish. Evangelicals (except Anglicans) don’t need to fast at least they want it themselves. The most important and strongest fasting of Orthodox is The Great which lasts seven weeks. During seven long weeks Orthodox are not allowed to eat sweets, behave badly, do dirty games. The fasting ends on Eastern, on the day when Jesus resurrected. What a strict rule of Orthodox fasting!



During the fasting Christians are allowed to eat: bread, vegetables (legume crops also), fruits, mushrooms, nuts, honey, vegetable oil, compote. ‘Black list’: all meat and milk products, eggs, fish and even the chewing gum because some meat ingredients can be found inside it.

Especially strong demand to follow the fasting is on the first and last weeks.
Everybody eats only two times a day.
On the Great Monday people don’t eat and drink the water only.
On rest Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only dry food is eaten – fruits, bread, nuts. Hot meal (vegetables, porridges, mushrooms (no fat!)) is eaten on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Only pregnant women or who lactate, children and weak health people are allowed not to follow such rules.


There are not much fasting days on Judaists calendar. One of the most important is Yom Kippur - the Day of Atonement. Jewish believe, that one day the Supreme Court will end and everybody who repented for their sins will get the remission. On the Yom Kippur eve it is normal to prepare regales where people eat a lot but after it don’t eat for 1-2 days. The ninth of Av is another important fasting in Judaism which lasts one day. On this day Judaists are not allowed to eat, drink, wash (even wash the hands), use perfumery, wear leather footwear, make sex.



All Judaists fasts last from sun to sun. There are no special rituals on these days. People just don’t eat and drink on these days. On Pesach eve fasting is a compulsory thing only for the oldest sons of the family.
There are no fasts on Saturday (except Yom Kippur). If the fast occurs on Saturday it is moved on the other day. The fasting is not allowed on festivals and during the change of the moon.
Jewish have particular nutrition requirements. For example, on Pesach eve no pickled food is allowed. It means, everything what was done from corn, barley, grain or rye and was touched with water for 18 minutes is not allowed to eat.


There are no fast traditions related to this religion. Theoretically, all Buddhists cannot eat anything what has walked, slithered, or flew. They think that any being has a soul which transmigrates. However lots of Buddhists eat meat. For example, Vietnamese, Burmese eat fish, pork and chicken. Thai also eat turtles, snakes, rats. Laotians enjoy bats and ant’s eggs. Some Oriental people also eat dogs. However, Buddhists don’t pay much attention to food and try to enjoy other aspects of life. It is popular to clean organisms starving before big festivals.




The most important fast for Muslims is a month of Ramadan; most Muslims in the World practice it. It is the only fast which all Muslims have to follow. If for some reasons a person couldn’t fast he will have to do it before next Ramadan anyway. During the Ramadan in the daylight eating, drinking, making sex are not allowed. Two hours before sunrise a Muslim is allowed to eat for the last time because will have to wait till sunset to have a supper.  At supper meat and sweets are allowed like on the usual day.



Islam religion has other restrictions for food. It is not recommended to eat meat without any breaks but it is not recommended to reject it for more then 40 days.
After eating fish you are not allowed to drink milk and conversely; boiled meat is not allowed with grilled one.
Hot, cold soft and hard food products must be eaten separately.
Food and drinks must be taken only using the right hand.
Bread is a holly product and it is not allowed to throw, kick, and cut using knives. Bread must be eaten and broken using hands only.
Water must be drunken in three times: first time - one gulp, second time – three gulps, third time – five gulps.
Quran does not allow to eat pork, beasts meat, drink alcohol.


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