Successful relationships


Don’t expect men... 


To solve all your problems.
Want to have a comfortable life? Don’t expect somebody’s help – endeavor yourself. You are not a hopeless person who cannot learn drive the car, call the plumber or find a better job. Neither man likes a woman who cannot do anything without the help.


To help you in all aspects of life.
A man doesn’t need to amuse you all the time. He wants to be amused too. Think about that. A woman who knows how to spend a free time will never fed up to his man. Just think what you can do and I am sure you will get some great ideas how to spend an evening together.


To read your minds.
Don’t expect mankind to buy you presents you want. It is useless to ask them to do it implicitly. Better say it loud! There are more patent ways of course. For example, he walks in dirty shoes; you can clean one shoe to make him see the difference.


To mention changes on your appearance.
At best he will say “not bad” or “you are always beautiful to me”.  Why do you need such compliments? Leave him alone with his problems and buy whatever you like.


To surprise you.
If you don’t want to go into daily round – take some actions and maybe your partner will learn something from you. When love notes dropped into his pocket do not help, set a rendezvous, bring some flowers with you and tell him: “One of us has to present flowers…” I am sure your partner will be surprised and ashamed.


To buy you a right present.
A disappointment of not getting the right present can harm your relationships and to avoid this you should drop hints on what would you like.


To replace your friend, parents, colleague or neighbour.
Affinity, friendship, businesslike relations are important also. Spend some time separately otherwise you are going to smother him with your own feelings. Don’t be afraid to be separately, let him miss you too.


To appreciate your goodwill and tolerance.
If you never asked your man for anything, didn’t have any variance, didn’t have any conflict just because you were afraid not to offend him it is not a surprise that your partner dishonours you and is cold to your demands. Fix the mistake immediately – don’t be squeezable, be strong and categorical.


To become a perfect partner.
Don’t dream too much. Such things separate people usually. Just get rid of this idea and have a normal life.


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