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The pressure, rush, constant stress… These elements harm our life very much. We pay less attention to our lifestyle and our daily nutrition. Mostly, we eat hurriedly and don’t even think what we are eating at the moment, although healthy food upraises, gives a lot of energy and increases our efficiency.

Let’s talk about milk: when it is beneficial to our health and when it isn’t.
Milk is very valuable an article of food. There are all substances of food necessary to our organisms. The composition of milk is: 88% of water, 3, 5% of fat, 2, 5% proteins, 4, 7% of lactose, 0, 7% of mineral substances, vitamins. Foodstuffs are very important to our nutrition, because they supply our organisms calcium, proteins, vitamins B12, A and D. According to recommendations of healthy nutrition, a man has to eat two pieces of milk products in twenty four hours. Teenagers, seniors, pregnant women and women after menopause require more calcium and should eat 3-4 pieces of milk products. The most valuable are low-fat products. There is the same number of useful substances like in the fat ones, however, it isn’t such sustaining, has less fatty acid and cholesterol. When there is too much cholesterol in the blood increases the risk to catch a heart and vascular diseases. Seniors, those who are overbalance and people who are not physical active should avoid the fat food. It is recommended to choose fat-free milk, kefir, yoghurt, sour cream, cheese and other foodstuffs.

Although, milk products are very valuable to our health but not everybody can take it. There are people who can’t take synthesized lactose and need diet without lactose. It is very difficult to make a menu for such kind of people because lactose is everywhere: in milk, in bread, in salad, sauces…These people should avoid the food which consists of milk and whey.

Unfortunately, milk can be the cause of some intestine diseases if the milk products are infected it may cause typhoid fever, brucellosis, salmonella poisoning, cholera. We can get brucellosis if we would drink unprocessed milk. Viruses rot away in scalded milk. Milk can be infected by ill people too. Because of that people who suffer from tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and salmonella poisoning and other contagion are not allowed to work in food industry.


by Ruta 

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