Who use online dating?


Every year Internet becomes increasingly popular. It is fast, comfortable, noncommittal connection with the world. You can talk with Englishman, Frenchman and Argentine despite the distance. Also, you can listen to the music and watch videos. Even work is more convenient when you are connected to the Internet. Many people who use Internet also are visiting chat rooms or cybernetic lonely heart clubs. Chat rooms popularity grows every day.

Why these phenomenons happen? One of the reasons might be that children and teenagers are allowed to visit such websites. Online dating websites are perfect places for teenagers who can chat without any fear. They can find a lot of new friends much more easier than in the reality. They can even pretend of someone else. It is a perfect way to meet new people for a shy juvenile, isn’t it?

Many adults visit those web pages too. The biggest audience are shy, lonely, divorced, with children, middle-aged, world-weary people. The situation is changing because the World goes global. Their wishes are very different. Commonly desire is to meet a soul mate. Also, some of them want to find a sex-partner for one night, a lover or just a friend.

Is it good that the number of people who communicate in chat rooms becomes increasingly big? Yes, it is great that people have opportunity to meet and talk to anybody they want. Also they can tell all their biggest secrets and miseries to a complete stranger. It is a perfect way to unburden but deviants can find and easy use children for their desires, adults can successfully cheat on their love. It is disgusting to know that some people use Internet for nasty and unacceptable things.

Can a cybernetic contact become a real friend or lover? Can people find the love of their lives or are their wishes are worthless? Those who are not interested in chat rooms think that only deviants and ineffectual persons can chat in such areas. Some disappointed visitors of online dating websites also agree with skeptics who say that they couldn’t find any normal nor intelligent human being. Their talkers lied about themselves, sent fake pictures. No wonder that those visitors were disappointed. You just can’t trust anybody   but we see a lot of shows on television about happy couples who met on the Internet. Some of those couples even took marriage. I have a friend who met a girl on the Internet. After some interesting conversations they decided to meat each other in reality even without seeing each other on the pictures, although they lived in different cities. As soon as they met they felt in love. After that my friend left his native city soon. Now they live together for two years.

As we see some cybernetic communication has a good end. This intercourse is like a real one - you can meet different kind of people. So, both sides have right: skeptics and their opponents. And it is impossible to draw a line – whether is it good or not. I think it is better to take a chance because we can’t know what kind of destiny awaits us.


by Ruta

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